Corporate loan of honor: Financing granted to creators and buyers of interest-free businesses


The honor loan is a personal loan at rate 0 offered by organizations. This loan allows a creator or buyer to be able to finance a need for cash, an investment, or administrative procedures (statutes, accounting, etc.). The loan of honor is quite simply proposed in order to facilitate access to the bank credits for the professionals, which is not always obvious when one is a very young company. Indeed, the banks sometimes impose strict criteria and some are limited to granting bank credits to companies having at least two years of activity, the loan of honor thus makes it possible to obtain credit without interest. An explanation over at

The advantage of this personal credit is that it can be obtained without interest and especially without guarantees. Companies are often asked to provide a contribution, but also to present guarantees in the form of a bond, a bond which can be moral or physical. Within the framework of the physical surety, the latter can be personal or united, conditions sometimes heavy for a creation or a resumption of activity.


How Much Can You Get With an Honor Loan?

How Much Can You Get With an Honor Loan?

The amount of the loan of honor will be defined according to the company, its needs, and its activity. The sums rarely exceed 10,000 dollars on average for entrepreneurs using this subsidized loan. The sum is granted after the study of a file deposited with a network proposing this financing, a committee made up of heads of companies, accountants, and bankers study the requests and deliberate on the agreement of funds. The idea is to have a broad vision of the activity of the company and especially to accompany it in its request for a loan of honor, which sometimes can also lead to accompaniment in the development.

The interest of the loan of honor is not to replace a professional loan granted by the banks, it is to be cumulated with a loan granted by a bank. When a company is granted the loan of honor, it can more easily obtain a professional loan from banks and financial institutions, this is called leverage. This allows the company to repay part of the sums borrowed at zero rate but also to be able to obtain its professional credit essential for creation or takeover.


Can we simulate an honor credit?

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No, it is compulsory to fill in an honor loan file with the various organizations offering this funding, the CCIs can provide all the information on this subject to entrepreneurs, and in particular the list of associations offering this funding. Note that for certain organizations, obtaining a bank loan is compulsory to validate the loan of honor file, these conditions vary from one organization to another. On the other hand, the simulation of professional loan is possible online, one can thus quickly obtain a credit estimate, its feasibility but also the conditions of repayment proposed by the banks. All for free and without commitment.